Corflex Operable Glass Walls

Combining the drama and beauty of glass with the functionality of operable partitions, Corflex interior glass walls and partitions allow natural light to flood an interior space while providing space flexibility. Corflex range of movable glass walls can be engineered and designed to fulfill the specifications and requirements of any interior space. Designing glass panels into your facility allows natural sunlight into your space, which could qualify for LEED points for Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Credit 8.2: Daylight and Views

G600 series – Frameless glass wall 

Give access to your space thanks to Corflex’s frameless glass wall. Available in individual assembly (G601) or in pairs (G602), it is now possible to move them manually and easily. Composed of a single tempered glass of 12 mm (1/2 inch), Corflex’s G600 glass wall has no floor track, thus eliminating tripping hazards and the accumulation of debris. The panels are equipped with foot locks and a key lock is also available. Available in full-height glass, intermediate doors and pivot doors with optional door closer make it easier to access your space. Thanks to their sleek design and the absence of vertical mullions between the panels, Corflex’s frameless glass wall maximizes the contribution of natural light to your space.

G500 Series – Acoustic glass movable partitions with slim frames

Corflex’s G500 consist of a monolithic glass unit tempered or laminated, in a discrete aluminum frame with no visible screws. The absence of a floor track eliminates tripping hazards and the accumulation of debris, ensuring absolute safety. Available in full height glass, communicating and intermediate doors facilitating access to your space are offered as an option. A panic bar can also be added. Easy to adapt, this partition allows you an amalgam of fixed and movable panels offering you flexibility both in terms of dimensions and positions of glazed sections. Available in individual assemblies (G501) or paired panels (G502), they move manually with ease. The system minimizes the space required to store the panels, while providing very good acoustical performance.

G500P Series – Glass partitions with slim frames and parallel stacking

The G500P’s unique suspension design makes it a versatile solution. Thanks to the patented suspension anchors, the G500P panels float within a few millimeters of the ground, allowing them to slide easily. Their telescopic interlocking construction prevents bending and twisting of the frames since each individual panel is connected to the next. Even without floor track or door sill, the G500P holds firmly in place.

G600M Series – Motorized operable glass wall

The simple activation of the electric motor allows the linear movement of the partition’s interconnected panels. Gradual acceleration and deceleration ensure smooth movement. Easy to adapt, this partition allows you to amalgamate fixed and motorized panels.

G700 Series – High acoustic glass movable partitions

When physical separation is required, Corflex’s high acoustic glass movable partitions are the solution to improve the performance of your space while maximizing natural light. Available as an individual assembly (G701) or in pairs (G702), panels can be moved manually with ease. or G700 acoustical glass partitions consist of a sealed unit of double tempered glass or monolithic tempered glass in an anodized or painted aluminum frame. The absence of floor track eliminates tripping hazards and the accumulation of debris. Horizontal mullions are available as an option to add style to your glass partitions by incorporating, for example, different glass types and finishes.