Crown Doors

Crown Doors, LLC (Crown) is the exclusive manufacturer of the patented SST-II Hydraulic Bi-Folding Door and Window System, as well as the Hydraulic 50/50 and Single-Swing door/window systems. Through creative design and engineering excellence, Crown produces innovative architectural hydraulic doors and windows. With an emphasis on ease of installation and simplicity of use, our products redefine the way in which you interact with the spaces around you.

SST-II Bi-Fold

The patented SST-II Hydraulic Bi-Folding System opens vertically, allowing smooth, quiet access between environments with just the press of a button. By incorporating the SST-II Bi-Folding door or window System, the barrier between interior and exterior vanishes and the ambience of the outdoors is allowed to flow in. Design the SST-II into your interior spaces and watch walls disappear, allowing light and motion to easily move throughout.

Single Swing

The Single-Swing is the premier, hydraulically-operated, single-piece door/window in the market, today. The Single-Swing offers a larger range of available sizes, the largest clear opening height and quicker speeds. The Single-Swing Hydraulic System is perfect for any application from industrial facilities to commercial storefronts.


The patented, hydraulically-operated 50/50 Door and Window System combines the best features from our SST-II Bi-Fold and Single-Swing Systems. The 50/50 provides an incredibly clean opening, requires minimal space in the open position and requires no maintenance, making it perfectly suited for architectural, commercial and residential designs.